Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sustainability Project Idea!

As the beautiful harmony of Beyonce's voice washes over my ears, I think about my ensuing project: a sustainable cookbook. This is not because I am a budding Martha Stewart, nor is it because I feel like I am naturally obliged to learn to cook because I have a vagina. Big B (aka Beyonce) has taught me better than that, and "If I Were a Boy" I would still want to make a cookbook.
This is because food is such a great opportunity to make big changes to a person's lifestyle as it relates to sustainability, deliciousness and supporting local farmers. I probably won't have the chance to buy an organic T-shirt 3 times a day, but I do have the chance to vote for sustainability 3 times a day through what I eat. Well, maybe not yet, because I won't be an "Independent Woman" until this summer when I will go back to buying my own groceries (but this will stop again when I return to UCLA and start eating in the dining halls again). But when most of us start living outside of the dorms in a couple years, there will be no one to "Cater 2 U" and we will be able to cook for ourselves. For many of us, our cooking repertoire extends to cereal, canned soups and spaghetti when we're feeling fancy.
Well let me "Upgrade U." My cookbook will feature an introduction giving an overview of how sustainability relates to food, which will be "Deja Vu" for many of you. Next it will have several different appetizer, entree, and dessert options organized according to the four seasons in which they are in season. The conclusion will have a list of helpful references and links to food and sustainability-related multimedia to set you on your way to being a sustainable food "Soldier."
Maybe you're worried about how you will be able to pay your "Bills Bills Bills" while eating sustainably. Well stop "Jumpin Jumpin." There's no reason to "Ring the Alarm" because I got your back, girl.
I will also address the issue of meat-eating/vegetarian/vegan diets. If meat is "Irreplaceable" to you and you're a little food "Diva," I will help you find ways to enjoy a minimal amount of meat to the maximum. However, one aspect of eating organically that I experienced when I switched over last summer is that I felt full on much less food, I felt much more healthy, and my skin cleared up. Basically, organic food helped to "Get Me Bodied" and fit my (unfortunately un-"Bootlyliscious") badonkadonk in my "Freakum Dress" while walking around with a health "Halo." Can I get a "Single Ladies?"
I'm very excited to test out my recipes when I go home to visit my Mama J for Lil Mama's Day, but hopefully I won't "Lose My Breath" from trying to cook and/or eat too many things in such short a time period. I'll try to be a "Survivor." Hopefully you're at least sort of excited for my cookbook as well, and will want to "Check On It." I'm pretty pumped for a a cookbook to "Say My Name" on it. But for now, I'm off to have some "Sweet [Sustainable] Dreams!" Nighttttt y'all.


  1. I take it all those quotes are Beyonce tunes...and that you were definitely serious when you said you love listening to Beyonce.

  2. I love the idea of voting with my stomach or my tastebuds three times a day. In fact, I just voted for some artisanal goat cheese produced in N. California, bread from culver city and some dates from Palm Springs. Not super local but better than cheese from Europe and dates from the Sahara.